Christmas Tsum Tsums Spotted at US Disney Stores!

I was fortunate enough to find the holiday or Christmas Tsum Tsum boxed set at my local Disney store in Texas. They weren’t exactly out on the floor yet, but I very politely asked the cast member if they had gotten them in and the cast member got me one from the back!! They should be in all stores and online next Tuesday (November 3) for Tsum Tsum Tuesday.

Some people have asked me on social media if I think they will be available as separates, but my guess is that they will only be a boxed set this year.

I’m getting so excited about Tsum Tsum Tuesday next week! So far we’ve seen the Megas in the store as well as the Christmas boxed set. On Tuesday we should see the Frozen Fever Carrieer / Bag and the Peter Pan set of 10 (!!) Hooray!

IMG_5100 IMG_5109 IMG_5112

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