Checking Stock of Tsum Tsums at Target

Target recently has begun carrying the Frozen line of Tsum Tsums as well as most of the holiday collection from last year. I get questions fairly often about checking stock at your local Target store, so I thought I would give a quick primer on that.

Target organizes their inventory by DPCI (oops! I messed this up at first and called it a DCPI) (Department Product Class Item), which is just a number assigned to a product. With Tsum Tsums, for some reason, Target gives the same DPCI to an entire collection.

There are a few Target DPCI checkers out there but I like the BrickSeek one the best. You simply enter the DPCI and your zip code and it will give the stock of the item.

Now, a word of caution, just because it says that the item is “in stock” does not mean that it is on the floor, it could be in the stock room in the back. Some nice associates will go and look for the item for you, but some will not.

I’ve included a list of DPCIs for various Tsum Tsum items below:

Mini Snow White and Bambi: 204-10-2252
Mini Alice in Wonderland: 204-10-1805
Medium White Rabbit/Cheshire Cat: 204-10-2358
Mini Toy Story: 204-10-2363
Medium Alien/Lotso: 204-10-2382
Mini Christmas: 204-10-2445
Mini Frozen: 204-10-2452
Medium Olaf: 204-10-2459
There was also a picture of an Inside Out shelf tag on Instagram, but we don’t have any confirmation about that. 204-10-2679


Black Background Comforter: 060-03-2351
Blue Throw: 060-03-2352